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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?

The Flaming Lips

Very very very good.
But I am sad because I wanted to take a spacegirl home with me.

The encore was inspired. Magnificent. And Wayne was smiling nearly as
much as the crowd.


knocking back ibuprofen with pepsi - not quite what the health experts
and my mother meant when they suggested that I need "a balanced diet".

Whatever works though.

hello from eastern europe

yes, hello from Eastern Europe. Somewhere.

Somewhere where the rich are isolated from the poor in 4* completely
over-the-top skiing on the doorstep luxury.

I wonder what this place was like ten or twenty years ago.

Today, the food and drink are plentiful and the cars Mercedes. What
brings thousands and thousands of workers to the UK . . .

bt suck

Did you know that a postcode can change part way through a single building?

I didn't.

Made getting a phone line impossible. Grrr.

I caved in.

I'm at work. Again.

At least driving a Transit van around was fun. I'd got my hugely
inconsiderate last-second lane changing habits up to speed just in
time to give it back to the hire people.

Got my eye on one of those super long wheelbase Mercedes efforts for
the next time - could do some real damage with one of them . . .


Packing fucking sucks.
Question to readers: Can I get away with defying my soon-to-be phd
supervisor who is unreasonably expecting me to present some stuff that
I haven't written on monday morning?

I think I can take him...


I have my whole life to pack away. Tonight.

Taping the flattened cardboard boxes together is more fun.

Not getting me closer to emptying this room though.

Nor is going to the pub . . .


academics would never get through the day without a strategic coffee
break. Two of them in fact.

While serving no obvious purpose the whole group would fall apart without it.

Today's random topic was the efficiency of trains versus cars and
proposals to eliminate the crazy prices of Virgin Trains - i.e. some

This somehow led onto the illusive idea of the paperless office -
something that we're a long long way from attaining. Something that
we're a long way from *wanting*.

E-books? No thanks.