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Backing Blair?

The guys at Backing Blair are advocating playing a dangerous game.

You can help. On election day, we want you to vote strategically. Ruthlessly. In 'safe' Labour seats and marginal seats we want you to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Labour candidate.

Even with the UK's "first past the post" voting system making life easy for the government calling the election I don't think that there is room to "give Blair a bloody nose". It is clear that Blair does not have the enormous well of support that backed him in 1997 and 2001, but its foolish to think that this swing is due only to a protest vote against Blair/Iraq.

There will be plenty of Tory voters from the 80s, early 90s who swung to Labour in the last elections who will now have just had enough of Labour. Intelligent liberal people splitting their vote to the Lib Dems in marginal seats will just double the effect of any underlying "natural" swing towards the Torys.

Unseating longtime, decent Labour MPs is not the way to protest. Its foolish and short-sighted and Nick Cohen at The Observer would agree.
The only objection seems to be that the calculation involves a kind of intellectual cowardice by people who want to keep their consciences clean while relying on others to get on with the dirty business of voting in a Labour government.

and that's the rub. Nobody ever gets to have it both ways. Either you can take responsibilty for your actions and your position in a democracy, or you can let the bad guy win.

On the otherhand... this made me laugh a lot. [flash animation from backingblair]


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