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Further help for voters...

As I mentioned in the comments to my previous post, Chris Lightfoot has produced a larger and more sophisticated survey. Which compares your own views with that of the rest of the country (as recorded in an opinion poll a few weeks ago).

My results look like this:


to the left, fine. But pro-war? I think it must have been bundled up with some Euro questions. Interesting to find out where you stand in relation to your neighbours etc though. e.g. 83% of people are more right-leaning etc...

either way, people not getting what they expected has resulted in accusations of a Lib Dem conspiracy! As Lightfoot discusses:

Anyway... there are a number of legitimate criticisms of the particular method they use; in particular they only ask about issues on which the main parties have differed and which are prominent in the coming election campaign. So the recommendations come out looking a little bit silly; for instance, they suggested that I vote Green (disqualified because they're unilateralists, among other reasons) or UKIP (disqualified because they're swivel-eyed loons, and also because of their policies -- see a previous note for more on this.).

This being the internet, there were also quite a few of the other sort of criticisms; specifically a number of people have claimed that the site is a Liberal Democrat plot. Now, to be honest, I'm not certain that Liberal Democrats do plot, but I can't say for sure. Frankly I can't be arsed to compile a list of these people, but this rant by `Recess Monkey', who previously worked for a Labour MP gives roughly the flavour. Amusingly the extent of the evidence for this theory is that people who vote Labour tribally object to the suggestion that perhaps they should vote for another party on the basis of its policies. I suppose this sort of optimisation must save a lot of effort in the polling booth.


Blogger Lisa said...

That's unfortunate. I went to take the survey, but as I am Canadian it didn't work out very well.

Fri Apr 22, 06:19:00 AM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

well then Lisa, I'd make use of this site to explain why you won't be voting.

Like this guy:

In my ward, Labour always wins by 20000 votes. It would win if it selected a pet lizard to be our MP.
Or a cat. Or a dead person. They would still win by 20000. Check out Lewisham West on May 6th. You will see why its not worth voting.

Fri Apr 22, 12:49:00 PM GMT  

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