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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?


As promised I have been thinking about why I have a blog. It turns out they're pretty simple:

  • I know I should be doing something useful

  • I don't want to do anything useful

  • Blogging takes up a big chunk of time without accomplishing anything

Which brings me round towards this:

Honda's genius advertising campaign "Hate something, change something", which was devised by a very tall man with very long grey hair - just in case you wanted to know...

Apart from having an infectious tune that you can't get out of your head, its a cool message.

I know there's something wrong. Why don't I change it?


Blogger Herge Smith said...

So that's why we blog!! Finally.

50 million bloggers and only you have managed to answer the question.


Sat May 21, 07:53:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

I think, perhaps, I may have over-simplified. Maybe.

Sat May 21, 10:53:00 PM GMT  

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