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Election Tells

I just watched "Election Unspun: What They're Really Thinking" over on Channel 4. It was a great piece of television, full of nice things to take away e.g. pointing out that Michael Howard unconciously sticks his tongue out whenever he's under pressure and reminding us that that is what babies do when they've had enough milk from mum!

But the useful thing was the signs that tell you who has won a particular constituency before the result is announced. His example was Portillo's defeat.

The losers all line up covering their "privates", crossing their hands in front of them, while the victor, feeling no need to protect himself, holds arms behind his back.

Also watch out for John Prescott's "crack a joke and run away" tactic.


Blogger felicity said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this - it was a program that i had wanted to watch, but missed. So much can be gleaned about the sub-concious by our everyday outward actions that we really have no control over. For a politician to be a good one, they either have to be extremely honest (not a snowball's chance) or an oscar grade actor (in which case they are probably in the wrong job)!

Tue May 03, 06:02:00 AM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

well, apparently on the honesty front, Blair comes out top.

He gives the most "genuine" smiles by far.

He's not happy around Brown though :)

Tue May 03, 06:04:00 PM GMT  

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