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Friday Things

I went to the gym this afternoon. 2,000m rowing time, a sedate 8m21s.

Knock-on effect? I'm eating a donut. A big donut.

A couple of random links today, for my few readers to enjoy. Thank you for stopping by :) whether at home or sneaking a look at work. Naughty.

Cool new t-shirt retailer Defunker:

I want one.

And on a completely different note, students at Cornell have developed little robot blocks, molecubes, that can stack themselves and then reproduce the structure. Self propagating little robot dudes.

This post brought to you by PJ Harvey - Good Fortune.


Blogger Herge Smith said...

'Self propagating little robot dudes'. Isn't that the very essense of the stuff of sci-fi nightmares? When do they stop? will they take over the world???

And bloody students to blame, typical.

Btw - thems some good tunes. Saw Polly twice this year. Brighton and Brum (with Moz) She's tiny, but she rocks. You tried The Kills? very PJ esq.

Sat May 14, 03:21:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

"tiny, but she rocks"

:) that's true.

I saw her play a couple of summers ago. In a little girly timid voice she says "this is something new" seemingly all nervous. She then launches into "Who the FUCK do you think you are?"

at least that's what I think it was called. Good fun.

Sat May 14, 07:44:00 PM GMT  
Blogger missfee said...

i love your blog title :-)

Sun May 15, 02:02:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

merci. Now I just need to improve the writing...

Sun May 15, 02:51:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Connie said...

Wow!... Strangely enough I was listening to "Good Fortune" at approx. 15:55 PST on Friday afternoon on my way home from work.....

Mon May 16, 03:23:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Rowan said...

That's what the world was lacking - Multiplying robots! Uggghhhh! Can we say - The Matrix?

Anyhow, Just really wanted to comment on the doughnut, that's exactly what I woulda dun ;-)

Mon May 16, 05:53:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

spooky coincidence Connie.

And Rowan, I knew "donut" didn't look right. Doughnut is clearly a better spelling.

I ended up having two, and some ice-cream :)

Mon May 16, 10:19:00 PM GMT  

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