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Monbiot -v- Ebell

Myron Ebell and George Monbiot intervied on BBC Radio4's "Today" programme. You can listen to it here. That link will probably break after today - I'll try and update it when I find a permanent link. [UPDATE: the permalink to the RealPlayer file should be here.]

Ebell works for a "think-tank" which has been funded millions of dollars by Exxon and I don't think Monbiot likes him very much.

Monbiot: "I challenge Myron now, here in front of four million people, to a bet. I bet five-thousand pounds of my own money. That the Global Average Temperature over the next decade will be higher than the Global Average Temperature over the last ten years. The bet to fall due on May 19th 2015. So come on, put your money where your mouth is."

Ebell: "I have four children to put through college, I can't afford to take risks"

Now that's environmental debate!

The two of them are speaking in a debate at the Oxford Union Society this evening (link). They're going to battle over the motion "This House believes that alarmism has replaced science in the global warming debate".

I'm gutted that I'm not in Oxford this year and I can't make it. I'm really going to have to sort out my term card...


Blogger James Annan said...

I've written some more on the climate betting ideas here and here if you are interested.

Tue May 24, 04:52:00 AM GMT  

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