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Telewest != Romantic

Tech Digest brings news that British cable tv giant is to launch its TV-On Demand service across the country; bringing goodness into the hearts all those personal loan takers who prefer not to have a satellite dish on the side of their house. Or so it would seem:

Out of those customers who already have access to the TVOD service, over half have already watched a movie. Saturday evening is the most popular time to choose a movie and the top selling films to date are The Stepford Wives, 50 First Dates and King Arthur. The highest selling evening to date was Valentine's night, when our romantics in Bristol chose The Ladykillers as their number one movie choice!

from the Telewest press release.

Now, it strikes me that there was nothing good or romantic about that choice. Who'd be stuck in on Valentines? That's right, it was all the lonely men, hiding from oversized pink hearts, crying into a six pack of beer and hoping that all the Ladies did indeed get killed; for remember Love is a C....


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