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Thank God for the Volume Control

Saira Khan, runner-up in the BBC's version of "The Apprentice":

"the real star of the show - as she's not shy of pointing out - was Saira. Saira couples the energy of a neutron bomb with an incredible ability to sell. She could, she frequently boasts, sell snow to an Eskimo. And she's as tough as anything. Saira's like bindweed - you can pull it up, thinking you've killed it, but it immediately pops up somewhere else, stronger than ever. Some found her inspirational; others an absolute bloody nuisance. "I think Sir Alan thought I was a threat. He was scared to hire me," she says, and I expect she's right".

While the American Trump version did it bigger, Sir Alan Sugar's job search was far more involving. The best man did win, but it looks like we're not rid of Saira yet. She even managed to get Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, to make some calls on her behalf!

I wouldn't be able to buy anything from her, I'd be too busy jamming my fingers in my ears and running away.

Thank the Lord for a volume control.


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