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Climate Change Reading

The Guardian has published a thirty+ page section on Climate Change today. I think its entitled "Heat".

Mental Note: go buy newspaper go buy newspaper go buy newspaper

UPDATE: I've failed to get hold of a copy. Neither the local newsagent nor the supermarket had one. Maybe there are a few more people scared by climate change than Tony realises.

In the Guardian's absence, the top story seemed to be this. The race relations act might be called upon to deal with a Big Brother contestant. Nice to know the British people aren't letting Endemol down.


I've just found out that as part of BT's line upgrade plan I'm getting a free upgrade to 2Mb soon. And with no usage caps. I do love Demon.

Crazy Commentary

I'm watching the BBC coverage of the Federa - Ferrero match at Wimbledon. When refering to Federa's near unbeatable play one of the commentators just said "he's so intimidating when he's playing in this swash-buckling style."

What exactly is "swash"? And how does it "buckle"?

KT Tunstall

The BBC's Glastonbury coverage has resulted in me going on a small spending spree. I'm now totally hooked on this lovely lady.

Her arty name is KT Tunstall - Kate wasn't edgy enough or something :)

If you head over to a part of the cavenous BBC website that I didn't know existed you'll find videos of a couple of interviews and three live performances. Just her and a guitar. She's great and I can't wait to see her live in Manchester in October.

Her official site can of course be found here. And you can purchase the album from all good record stores and Amazon.

Now if the BBC would just put her full performance up on BBC3's coverage I'll be happy.

UPDATE: and now they have, a full half hour set. KT was looking very pretty in pink and having a great time. Brilliant use of loopy-pedal-thingy, cello and trumpet - especially on "Stoppin' The Love" - go on, watch the older BBC session if you didn't catch the Glasto one!

I'm happy.


Finally, Blogger will let you upload images properly. No more of the rubbish Hello/Picasa stuff or messing around with Flickr. Huzzah!

Although I should say that Flickr is great, just not ideal when writing a quick post - its far too involved. Although it usually works unlike Blogger's thing which seems to have broken already!

Been away for a while

I've been away for a while, during my absence I've mastered the art of "punting" and cemented my Englishness by getting sunburnt completely unnecessarily. EDIT (apparently its possible to punt one-handed, it would seem I'm far from an expert. But I didn't get wet. )

On a more current note - Tim Henman has been knocked out of Wimbledon on day four. Excellent.

Keeping with the tennis theme who'll second me in the position that Daniela Hantuchova should get far more attention than Maria Sharapova?

Dr. Who Finale

I'll generally watch anything sci-fi. Even the really dodgy cable shows. I drew the line at "FireFly", but now I'm even breaking that resolution.

With that in mind I've suprised myself by completely failing to watch Dr. Who in its new and shiny BBC incarnation. I watched the first couple of episodes but then just gave up. Until I caved in again and ended up watching the last couple of episodes.

The finish to the series was proper sci-fi with a cool "Phoenix from XMen" type moment.

I think I'll be making an effort to catch the repeats. And if I had kids I'd definitely be looking forward to sitting down and watching the next series with all the kids hiding behind the sofa.

To Oxford people

hope 8th week is going well. Why are you in front of a computer and not on a punt?
Poor poor formerly Virgin Student. Assuming it was real.

UPDATE: it wasn't real. A confession of sorts can be found here.


The internet is terribly predictable sometimes. My previous post on "Sin City" was tagged with "" and has become by far the most popular post I've written. It gets clickthroughs from the tag page all the time.

Jessica Alba

Not that I can blame people for looking - she's absolutely gorgeous. Stunning.

Further evidence can be found here.

A good excuse

Following up on my previous post questioning why we blog, gives me a good excuse to link to "Hit The JaG Spot". A million years ago in blog time (last sunday real time) the very lovely JaG was forced to question herself: "To Blog or Not to Blog?"

The contents of a previous post had come back to bite her in real life:
It felt like I was being punished for choosing to be outspoken and for choosing to let someone close read my blog. Yes this is the internet and no one is forcing me to put stuff on it, but still, using my own words as if they are absolute truths and throwing them back into my face feels so unfair.

I'm reminded of Mission: Impossible. "I can't tell you what a comfort anonymity is in my line of work. Its like a warm blanket"

If I had:

If I had a great deal of money right now and the opportunity, what do you think I would buy?

Nope. Wrong.

I'd buy an unblockable shower.

I'm fed up of my shower turning into a foot-spa.

Now you know.

A habit forming


I can see there's a habit forming... the classic eBay addiction maybe. Why did I reenable my PayPal account? I know it will only end in tears.

Just as long as I stay away from the commemorative plates.

UPDATE: Its worse than I thought, I even managed to order stuff I didn't want. If I'm going to waste money on Ebay I might as well read the bloody information before bidding. Bollocks.

Sin City

I've just had a nice evening, chocolate and cookie cheesecake followed by seeing "Sin City" (IMDB).

It was very good, although its difficult to say I enjoyed it. Definitely earned its 18 certificate. Pretty gruesome stuff at times. But very impressive, if you like the look of the trailers and are prepared for the violence you'll like it. The comic book, noir style is carried off extremely well. With special care taken on everybody's eyes. Bruce Willis' eyes in his first scene carry the whole scene.

I'd say that Sin City owes a great deal to Quentin Tarantino. I don't think this movie would have been possible in this form without Kill Bill and without Reservoir Dogs. Do you remember the controvesy surrounding that undercover cop's ear?

Sin City moves beyond that. I'm shocked that there haven't been crys of "Won't somebody please think of the children", but then times are achanging.

and I nearly forgot... Jessica Alba; fit. Just beautiful, even playing a stripper.

UPDATE(15th June): search engine clickthroughs please jump ahead to here for Jessica lovelyness.

Another Friday.

Another Friday and things have changed somewhat since the last one. For starters, there's exciting news that my blog is the top link for searches on the word Kazagstan. I never thought I'd have the top rank on anything.

In fact I should say that I've had another phantom international call. I managed to answer this one and they just hung up, all very odd. I spent ages searching web for international and local city codes and I'm now pretty convinced that call came from Russia rather than Kazagstan. I'm still no closer to working out who the hell could be calling me!

But a vastly more dramatic change is Carter's exit from ER [link]. After eleven years its difficult to know what they're going to do without him. Clues can be taken from this past season though, there were fewer classic Carter episodes than in previous years and thenhe ends up just slipping away at the end of the season. His final shift echoes Mark Green's last shift (which is fitting in a, student becomes the teacher type way) but Mark was given half a season to leave and it was sad. Really sad.

So Carter is gone and it won't be the same, but it just didn't hurt enough, even Corday's exit matched it. At least Lewis should get more lines now.

This post has ended up all ER ER ER ER. Sorry if you're not interested!