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Another Friday.

Another Friday and things have changed somewhat since the last one. For starters, there's exciting news that my blog is the top link for searches on the word Kazagstan. I never thought I'd have the top rank on anything.

In fact I should say that I've had another phantom international call. I managed to answer this one and they just hung up, all very odd. I spent ages searching web for international and local city codes and I'm now pretty convinced that call came from Russia rather than Kazagstan. I'm still no closer to working out who the hell could be calling me!

But a vastly more dramatic change is Carter's exit from ER [link]. After eleven years its difficult to know what they're going to do without him. Clues can be taken from this past season though, there were fewer classic Carter episodes than in previous years and thenhe ends up just slipping away at the end of the season. His final shift echoes Mark Green's last shift (which is fitting in a, student becomes the teacher type way) but Mark was given half a season to leave and it was sad. Really sad.

So Carter is gone and it won't be the same, but it just didn't hurt enough, even Corday's exit matched it. At least Lewis should get more lines now.

This post has ended up all ER ER ER ER. Sorry if you're not interested!


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