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a clearing picture of London

The information is clearing up now. Four explosive devices. The internet and technorati in particular joined the mobile networks in straining under the pressure of millions of people clamering for information. Reports from the Guardian suggest that more than 1300 posts had been indexed by Technorati by 1015am all referencing the explosions. That's a serious response.

Reuters.co.uk fell over in the morning. But news.bbc.co.uk and The Guardian kept their servers running, updating whenever they had new information.

The wikinews article was top stuff too.

The reaction to this crisis from emergency services and from everybody else has been amazing. Everybody has made efforts to pass on the vital information as fast and as widely as possible.

Had this information not been available this could have been much more difficult in London, on the roads, on the switchboards and in the stations.


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