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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?

Everybody with a blog?

Back in the beginning I was managing one post a day. Oh how times have changed. Anyways...

A month ago (and yes I apologise - that's almost a millennia in internet time) the Los Angeles Times ran an experiment. It was an extension of the blog world's push for private comment and analysis or "op/ed".

They gifted people the opportunity to add their say to a story in a far more public way than the average blog. It all went rapidly wrong. People can't be trusted and, most frustratingly, I'm reminded of an old saying "empty vessels make the most noise".

John O'Farrell at The Guardian quickly responded with far more wit that I could muster, even with a month to think about it:

Following last week's "wikitorial" experiment by the Los Angeles Times allowing readers to rewrite its editorials on the net, this week's comment piece has been communally created by readers in an exciting online search for impartial and well-judged analysis

So Bush and Blair, your oil turns to blood for you, the Satan god-heads let Armenia earthquake be your warning (Leviticus 11,3) you will reap on the day of your bloodness judgment and twin towers (Zion money?) for Aids you have created with your so-called "scientists", your blood-dollars will be paid you in hell.

Article continues
Sorry, can we start this wiki-column again, this time without the nutter. And try to make sure the piece is pertinent and well-judged, with no axes to grind and no personal agendas.

Come to the Kohi Noor Tandoori in Twyford. Try our chicken patia and pilau rice. "My favourite curry house!" says TV's Carol Vorderman.

But here's the vaguely intelligent comment. Adding a wiki to a respected newspaper is just crazy, it just gives loonys attention. Its also completely unecessary. The combination of a blog (full of racist idiocy or whatever) plus Technorati is enough power to make a "live" comment.

Anybody who is interested can do a search for the article address or a particular unique tag or something and see what you've posted - and see it next to the rest of the world's comment. Technorati will even order things by "authority". Why give people the backing of an LATimes address?

There probably are other slightly more complicated methods like, for example, "TrackBack" but at the moment they're too involved to be useful.


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