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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?

Kottke might be right

Ok... so blog-star Jason Kottke has abandoned Technorati.

The "kottke.org" smart list in my newsreader picks up stuff that Technorati never seems to get, and that's only pulling results from the ~200 blogs I read, most of which are not what you'd call obscure. What good is keeping track of 14 million blogs if you're missing 200 well-known ones? (And trackbacks perform even better...this post got 159 trackbacks but only 93 sites linking to it on Technorati.)

Over the past few months, I've been comparing the results from PubSub to those of Technorati and PS is kicking ass.

He's probably right but I won't be getting rid of the links. I think the tagging thing is a nice idea and does generate some traffic for me - even when I've been neglecting my long standing readers (sorry :$) by not bothering to update.

One thing I don't agree on is his mention of "trackback". Yes it does work really well - directly telling you when and where your own post has been referenced, but its not universally adopted and it is quite an involved process. In fact, its all a bit too complicated to explain, and Blogger doesn't support it. Although I think Haloscan has that ability.


its not even really sunny outside anymore and still I fail to update.

I'm going to blame myspace. Its pretty evil really.

Nice sometimes though :)


A new blog every second according to Technorati (via BBC News).

That's an awful lot of crazy people!

But what's more amazing is that the story made it to the news.bbc.co.uk "headlines" ticker thingy!

The times they are a changin' ...