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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?


A new blog every second according to Technorati (via BBC News).

That's an awful lot of crazy people!

But what's more amazing is that the story made it to the news.bbc.co.uk "headlines" ticker thingy!

The times they are a changin' ...


Blogger Herge Smith said...

And let me tell ya, creating a blog a second is wearing me out.

Tue Aug 02, 02:06:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chris said...


so its you plus some random korean guy?

Wed Aug 03, 10:02:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Herge Smith said...

Yeah, me the Korean guy share the work load, it's hard work, but someones got to stink up the internet.

Hey Chris, you never come by anymore, did we upset you?

Mon Aug 08, 01:04:00 AM GMT  
Blogger madgirl said...

man - thats a lot of words huh? i think its cool tho. feels like it makes it harder for mainstream media to be the only source people have round formin opinions and that.

hope youre doin good chris. you take care k?


Tue Aug 09, 12:39:00 PM GMT  

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