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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?

I want an office

my desk at the moment has neither chair nor computer...

I have an office now. I love having an office; after six months, I still get a little burst of delight when I walk in there. I love being able to close the door when I'm calling people, so I can concentrate on just what they are saying. Often I forget to open the door after the call. A few minutes later, I snap to attention and pull the door ajar again, because I can't hear the buzz of what's going on outside, and somehow that drives me a little crazy. I don't feel like I'm missing anything; I feel like I'm missing.

I feel like when you're sitting in the forest clearing, and it's been very peaceful and quiet, but your good sense tells you it's time to turn around and go back, because it's a long way home, and it's getting dark, and you have some friends who are wondering where you are.

from Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka

Americans continue to amaze me

From "Overheard in New York" again:

Guy #1: How was it?
Guy #2: It was cool. Paris was fun, except for a few days we spent at museums...We went one day to this place...The Love or something...I guess it was all right. There were definitely a lot of people there...Julie was freaking out about this one painting, though.
Guy #1: What painting?
Guy #2: The Mona Lisa.
Guy #1: ...huh. Don't think I know it...I'm not really an art person though.
Guy #2: Yeah, I didn't know it either. It's by Michelangelo I think. But I didn't really get it...it's really small.

--Union Square station

How can the lowest common denominator be below "The Da Vinci Code"?

His Self-esteem Just Turned Fragile and Perishable

its all JAG's fault... I'm hooked already...

From "Over Heard in New York":

Man #1: You go on ahead. You were here before me.
Man #2: Hey! She wasn't here before me!
Man #1: You see that area over there? It's for all the people who want your opinion. Go ahead, lady.

--Post Office, Prince Street

I really should get some work done. :S

its been a long week.

I'm not used to this student life...

temptation and debt

I really want one of these things. Even though I know I already have a 20GB one and that I barely use that. And that I have a "walkman" phone. That I don't use the functionality on.

I still want one...

I have a dream...

and in that dream I update my blog. I've had a few posts on my mind. Beslan. Sept 11th. That I'm moving in two days. That things never change.

But I'm rubbish as I've said from the beginning. So whether I'll write them I don't know. Its all Canada's fault. Probably