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Americans continue to amaze me

From "Overheard in New York" again:

Guy #1: How was it?
Guy #2: It was cool. Paris was fun, except for a few days we spent at museums...We went one day to this place...The Love or something...I guess it was all right. There were definitely a lot of people there...Julie was freaking out about this one painting, though.
Guy #1: What painting?
Guy #2: The Mona Lisa.
Guy #1: ...huh. Don't think I know it...I'm not really an art person though.
Guy #2: Yeah, I didn't know it either. It's by Michelangelo I think. But I didn't really get it...it's really small.

--Union Square station

How can the lowest common denominator be below "The Da Vinci Code"?


Blogger Sniffy said...

Is that a wind up?

Bloody hell. Credit to them for actually leaving the country I suppose.

Sun Oct 02, 12:15:00 PM GMT  

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