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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?

Why is it a dream come true is also a nightmare?

Its finally happening. The complete Buffy boxset. Why did have to come out now? I need to eat, I need to work.




Oh yes Oh yes :)

such a great show. Such a very great gig. The Tunstall is magic :)

and on a side note why is that the rubbish raisin "Revels" are the ones left at the bottom of the bag? When I don't look as I pick them out?

And since that last post was so short . . .

I'll post another photo... this is the view from my office this evening.

I'm still hooked.

This little snippet made me laugh out loud:

Punk girl: Fight bureaucracy!
Suit: You're not the boss of me.

A post that does little

red sky in the morning...

Little, excepts proves that I can get up this early. And that I've updated the sidebar. How long was that woeful error up there? I shudder to think...

Its hard to miss but...

did anybody else notice that the front cover of the Guardian magazine yesterday (saturday) was almost entirely devoted to Charlotte Church's right breast?

Sadly I can't find the acual shot used on the cover.

I didn't think I was going out last night. In fact, I said as much. It turned out I ended up out anyway. I just realised that I manged not to spend any money either.

Sadly that's not because some girl was buying me drinks. I was just on the water.

but as you can see it was a little bit busy.

And an important thing to note: the girl on the left making the very attractive yawning action was actually the prettiest girl in the place. She was very very nice looking. Bad timing I guess.

eek - its 10pm on a saturday night

as it says in the sidebar... I've deleted a few dead links. And I'll aim to put some new ones in. Once I've worked out what I'm actually reading these days. Probably just news.bbc.co.uk really.

On a site note, I'm a bad bad person. And if this blog was differently themed you'd be reading a sordid tale of woe and dispicably out of character behaviour.

But its not. I wonder, do I have readers anymore?