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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?


I don't know what to write about. There have been things running through my head recently. I've been asked to give a lot of advice, some of it has been complete rubbish, some of it has been quite competent.

I'm calling on my experience, and making it up as I go along. Not used to it.

But I guess that's life.

Anyways, in case you don't get it; the photo, its an outlook. You know, on life. On the infinity of the sky above. Grounded though - there's always something higher up...

bah humbug, completely rubbish post. Must do better.


Blogger Lisa said...

It's nice that you had a blue sky. It was raining when we left Van, and was raining when we got to Toronto.

Hugs, Chrissy.

Fri Nov 11, 05:16:00 AM GMT  
Blogger JaG said...

I post crap all the time. Don't worry about it. ;-)

Sun Nov 20, 09:26:00 PM GMT  

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