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Changing Oxford Admissions?

Applicants to Oxford might in future apply to the university rather than to individual colleges, it is proposed.

A working party on selection and admissions recommends a single body to handle all undergraduate applications.

From BBC News.

That would totally suck. Applying to Oriel is a very different proposition to applying to Wadham. Plus, I don't this measure is necessary, people often get interviewed by more than one college and are in oxford for two days - much longer than Cambridge.

Admissions seems to be one of the few things that the colleges work together over - making sure that the best candidates do find a place somewhere in the university.

I don't like change :)


The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has denied clemency to former Crips gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

Williams has spent more than a decade trying to stop young black men from filling American prisons. Using his experience to turn people away from a wasted life in gangs and in crime and in violence.

The "greatest democracy in the world", the worlds superpower, is going to flex its judicial muscles and in true enlightened fashion execute Williams in less than 9 hours.

I won't sleep better knowing "justice has been served."

It was a great loss.

25 years ago today, John Lennon was shot dead as he returned to his apartment in New York.

His death was a great loss to us all. His killer, Mark Chapman, smiled and looked into Lennon's eyes, asking for an autograph, then waited for his return. And shot him in the back.

Chapman remains in prison. I hope he lives a long life in obscurity, reminded everyday of his inferiority. He believes God has forgiven him. I hope not.

good news everybody!

I heard from her. A brief note to say she had an exam.

But more info to follow on friday.

I was slightly aprehensive about opening the email but I'm smiling now.

ok - two posts in one evening

shocking I know, but true. I sent the email.

Its been so long since the idea came into my head that I'd forgotten all those classy thoughts I'was going to put into it. I think I came off like an idiot.

On the other hand, I don't think it would have been a good idea to write a long involved letter... didn't get me anywhere last time.

no fog today

no fog today but snow instead. I guess a change in the weather is apt - I've been sleeping well.

I haven't sent the email yet - I know what I'm going to say. I still don't expect to hear back from her but I've promised JaG and I can't let her down.

I have to believe that 14 months is a long time. I fear there's little else to tell right now [in fact I wrote this on monday morning] - I'll have to keep you waiting.

One thing that just occured to me is that I'll be sending her the email at a really busy time for her, so that won't help matters. But I guess if she was going to reply it was going to take some effort and thought whatever the time. We'll see.