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Geologists Rock

A monday you can walk away from is a good Monday. Works for landings too, I suppose.

Today's travel count: three buses, two taxis and two trains.

Cost: GBP6.45 more than it should have been - where did put that train ticket?

It wasn't all bad though, today's random chat with the minicabber was worth all the effort. Not sure how we got there but he was telling me that he thinks that an attack on Iran would end the world. That's not the random bit. He was quite convinced that many, many years ago (a million?) there was a world war.

A war so intense it wiped out all traces of its combatants. "What made him sure of this?" I hear you ask. Well, that's the easy bit - where else would all this technology we have come from?

Bear in mind that this was a 15 minute ride and you'd be impressed to hear that next on the list was government coverup of 1960s alien spacecraft crashes.

Makes sense. :)

Oh and if you're wondering about the post title - I was in the geology department this afternoon...

[subtle edit I hope...]

100th post unspectacular

I feel like I shouldn't bother posting this to mark my 100th post. But still, it has to be said - this view from Vancouver's "KatKam" can't be real, must be painted on.

The other reason for wanting to delay this post is that the 101st post should show a new layout. Of some kind. If I get around to it. The dots are annoying me now. See you after a few hours staring at notepad or vi...

I find it completely objectionable

I was checking BBC News and the main headline was that "Syrians torch Scandinavian embassies to protest against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad." I the scale and style of these protests completely objectionable. Its as bad as the Sikh community's reaction to a play written by a Sikh woman - they sent their men to barracade the theatre, throw rocks, and make the cast, crew and writer fearful for their own safety, until they got what they wanted and the play was cancelled.

Its crude. Its throwing weight about like a bully. Attacking symbols of government in response to acts by the press. Attacking the press for operating as they always should. Free to make errors of judgement and free to comment on anything.

Putting aside the objection to a depiction of Muhammad on simply idol worshipping grounds there is a clear dicotomy. The general population and leaders in Islamic communities have been, rightly, calling for the West to distinguish between the Islam of millions people and the slightly loopy Bin Laden-esque suicide bombing justifying preaching. Cartoons joking that The Prophet is up in heaven turning jihadists away because they've run out of virgins, or with Muhammed turbaned with a bomb... is clearly aimed at the minority of crazies.

Those who really do walk into a crowded restaurant with explosives strabbed to their back and press the detonator while thinking of heaven and being completely convinced that their actions have been justified by the word of God.

The Western media attacking them is a blunt instrument, perhaps we need assistance from those who know the difference. Extremism doesn't gain strength in a vacuum. There are men who've heard the beginnings of these crazy outlooks and turned away, probably some of them were there protesting. If they could put all that energy and rage into eliminating the extremists things would be better for all of us.

I fear I've rambled.

advice on films and things

A return to my old style of blog post, link heavy and on random topics. Well, I guess they're all random. . .

I had planned to go see "Munich" tonight, sadly everybody else in manchester who has Orange phones had the same idea. By the time I got to the front of the queue the film had been on for 15 minutes.

Watching the minutes tick by wasn't the most painful thing though. The real rub was coming to the realisation that the only other movie starting at a useful time was "Underworld: Evolution".

The first movie had some charm, they clearly had some fun with a limited budget and came with a reasonable style, plus, I hadn't paid to see it. The sequel though is really, really terrible. Not even the gorgeous Beckinsdale can save it - and belive me, she has power, I've watched "Serendipity" at least three times I think.

Its about seventeen times as visceral and violent as the first one for very little justification. The possibly interesting bits are glossed over in favour of decapitations.

AND it completely rips off Terminator 2 at the end. You know - the Linda Hamilton monologue,

The future, always so clear to me, has become like a black highway at night. We were in uncharted territory now...

So now you know... anyways, I'll leave you with a couple of links. Over at "skitz" I was catching up and spotted one little gem about meetings, something we can all identify with. The boys anyway. And via BoingBoing I saw this as a response to Bush's "state of the union address".