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Geologists Rock

A monday you can walk away from is a good Monday. Works for landings too, I suppose.

Today's travel count: three buses, two taxis and two trains.

Cost: GBP6.45 more than it should have been - where did put that train ticket?

It wasn't all bad though, today's random chat with the minicabber was worth all the effort. Not sure how we got there but he was telling me that he thinks that an attack on Iran would end the world. That's not the random bit. He was quite convinced that many, many years ago (a million?) there was a world war.

A war so intense it wiped out all traces of its combatants. "What made him sure of this?" I hear you ask. Well, that's the easy bit - where else would all this technology we have come from?

Bear in mind that this was a 15 minute ride and you'd be impressed to hear that next on the list was government coverup of 1960s alien spacecraft crashes.

Makes sense. :)

Oh and if you're wondering about the post title - I was in the geology department this afternoon...

[subtle edit I hope...]


Anonymous pj said...

ahh, Oxford Road. Otherwise known as the gateway to hell.

Mon Feb 27, 10:59:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Lisa said...

Geology DOES rock. I'm glad you feel the same way.

Tue Feb 28, 08:22:00 AM GMT  

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