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The Boat Race 2006

Cambridge were so soft. Complete bollocks.


What wasn't on the coverage is how scary Oxford's coach "Bowden" is. Very. That helps.
Also... good work on broadcasting Oxford cox's call to his crew "let's fucking take them down" or words to that effect :)


In fact I was reminded of when my mate rowed for Isis a couple of years ago, and won. He said they'd gone out on the water "to destroy the tabs". That's what happened today. Oxford



From Channel4 News' "Snowmail":

Blue is the colour
Oxford have won the boat race and it wasn't just their team colours that were dark blue.

They got off in fiery form, what with their cox swearing loudly on nationwide teatime TV about the supposedly inadequate manhood of their opponents.

As our chief sub, Felicity Spector (Somerville 1985-9) observed, what was wrong with a rousing hurrah of "Good luck chaps"? We'll have the flavour of the day, courtesy of a well placed bleep.

A shorter show tonight so don't be late. See you at 7.45pm



Blogger skitz said...

absolutely. destroyed. them.
Happy days :)

Wed Apr 05, 12:22:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chris said...

it makes me want to go watch Top Gun again. Damn that movie...

as an aside... is it me or has blogger got really slow?

Might have to dig into the wallet and find a server. Bah.

Wed Apr 05, 10:53:00 PM GMT  

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