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Heart - redux

A Mike commented on my earlier post "Heart" - showing a picture of a lover's message painted on a roof top in London.

... for twenty years.

Why did you do what you did?
I still don't understand why.

- Mike

I'd like to thank Mike for stopping by. I can belive that whatever happened would eat away at all involved - I'm glad I was able to help let some of that out.

There are moments in life where we all sit and wonder why? We are, after all, human - and prone to doing undefendable things.

I call on my few readers - ask your questions. They eat away at us - leaving us only questioning ourselves because the real prompt has long since departed your life.

I still think about you. Why did you leave things where we couldn't go back?


Blogger skitz said...

Do ever wake in the night and miss me lying beside you?

Fri Jun 23, 08:41:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Lisa said...

Is it all a lie?


Why can't I end it?

Because I so badly want it to be true.

Everyone's heart hurts at some point. Sometimes it's caused by the people you thought you could trust, while other times you do it to yourself.

Mon Jun 26, 02:40:00 PM GMT  

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