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Using the internet

It was said to me the other day:
I only use 1/8th of what the internet is for.

Is the internet really *for* something? Its capable of an unimaginably large number of things and millions and millions of people use it for different things every second of every day; but its purpose?

I think that if you connect to the web and you communicate with someone then you've done all that you're expected to do with the service. All that we should ever be expected to do in fact.

Everything else is a bonus. Everything else is for free.


Blogger skitz said...

Perhaps we could go back to said person and they could quantify the 7/8s they don't use it for...

I agree with your viewpoint. Its a simple communication tool.

I'd be like saying I only post 10 letters a year, don't cash money or have a Credit card so I only use the Post Office for less than 3% of the services that are available in any given year. Or I only use my keyboard for 99% of its potential because I have a phobia of one of the keys...

If you achieve one thing that you set out for, then thats all that matters.

Fri Aug 25, 10:40:00 AM GMT  

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