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why oh why must . . .

everybody have a blog?

I caved in.

I'm at work. Again.

At least driving a Transit van around was fun. I'd got my hugely
inconsiderate last-second lane changing habits up to speed just in
time to give it back to the hire people.

Got my eye on one of those super long wheelbase Mercedes efforts for
the next time - could do some real damage with one of them . . .


Blogger skitz said...

There is something all powerful about driving white vans (presumably it was white?).
In my experience however, mini-buses can do far more damage, although admittedly it was a dodgy handbrake that allowed me to find this out, rather than me driving it. Thank god someone had parked an Astra in the way otherwise it might've done some real damage...

Sat Sep 16, 12:42:00 PM GMT  

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